Your product concept exists - we develop the suitable hardware

Product design as a 3D layout

  • You know what you get:
    With sophisticated ideas, we first develop a 3D draught – a virtual product – together with you.
  • Fast and effective:
    In a short time, a realistic representation of your product is created on the basis of drawings and existing elements out of our library.
  • One step ahead:
    Customers are using these designs to create their own sales materials and are thus well prepared for market entry. We create 3D draughts and designs using SolidWorks.
  • A smooth process: 
    This way we are perfectly compatible with customers and suppliers.

Schematic and layout

Parallel to the overall design, you get the schematic and layout in the current version in Eagle (Cadsoft), or in Altium Designer (Altium).

Altium Designer enables easy implementation of complex PCB designs. It offers more functionality for high-speed routing and integrated 3D functionality. If necessary, you can further process the layout data yourself.

Your advantage

  • You process the layout data as needed on your own.
    Mulitlayer PCBs up to 8 layers are common, technically 16 layers are possible.(With Altium Designer 32 layers are possible.
  • Our Baudisch.component library which has been generated over many years is linked with our inventory control system and tested by our production.
  • Already by the circuit diagram construction, every part is assigned a permanent article number.
  • The component geometry is entered in Eagle as a 3D model – transmission errors are omitted.

Proven integration

Your idea for a new product does not always mean a costly new development.

You grasp in our pool and experiences of modern technologies in software and hardware. These are tested on our in-house products or on customer projects.

Often your new product comes on the market quickly through the adaptation or further development of tested components.

Already profitable from the first unit

Many of our tasks are complex and very labour and knowledge intensive. Take advantage of our know-how even by orders starting with one unit.

Whether a PCB with only 2 components or a development without a concrete series production. Also, we serve you with the post-development of individual assemblies with no longer existing manufacturers.

We also undertake the electronic production as well as the mechanical implementation, whether it is a single unit or a complete series.

When it has to be fast



Fast delivery at a flat rate

All under one roof

The production of an electronic assembly is possible after completion of the layout without long production time.

We work together with several PCB manufacturers who specialize in so-called pool technology on sample boards with short delivery times.

3 – 4 days delivery time for a double-sided board are possible today without express surcharges. We guarantee a flat rate based on the maximum size format.
Since the further production chain is located completely in the Baudisch building, we can thus achieve the shortest possible delivery time of your assembly samples if required.


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