Your product exists - we implement the suitable software

The suitable software for our product

Describe your project and we develop the proper software for your product. With all that implies.

The software can continuously be adapted to changing requirements – your product is innovative and you remain flexible – secure this advantage for yourself.

We start with the software already in small micro controllers of logic components which are assembled directly on the printed circuit board.

Our platforms

  • Altera: FPGA
  • Atmel: AT90SAM3 | AVR 8-Bit RISC
  • ARM: Cortex-M
  • Microchip: PIC16 | PIC24 | dsPIC33
  • Renesas: RX62

Where the single chip solutions are insufficient, we rely on X86-compatible solutions where the operating systems such as Linux and Windows (CE, XP embedded) are implemented with extensive software.

  • DMP: Vortex 86DX | Vortex 86MX
  • Freescale: i.MX

Communication protocols link the products with its environment. The following technologies are implemented in our developments and products:

  • Profibus DP | Interbus S
  • CAN-Bus | RS422/485 communication
  • Network communication: TCP/IP | HTTP | FTP
  • Wireless communication with in-house protocols in ISM band, <br>via RFID or infrared
  • Wireless such as Z-wave, ZigBee or EnOcean

Always the right language

In many applications, PC programs are an important part. This starts with simple configuration and service tools and ends for complex solutions with database connection and networking.

We work with the following programming languages:

C | C ++ | C # VHDL for FPGAs XML | HTML | Pearl | Java VisualCX for workflow development on touchscreens


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