ESD protection in electronics manufacturing

Electrostatic discharge is noticeable in many areas of everyday life. Well-known examples are light electric shocks when touching a door handle, a window handle or a radiator as well as lightning during a thunderstorm.

In electronics production, electrostatic discharge can cause damage to assemblies, which in some cases may not become apparent until weeks after the incident.

To ensure the quality and longevity of electronics, it is therefore important to prevent or selectively discharge electrostatic charges in electronics production.

Formation of electrostatic charge and discharge

Electrostatic discharge in the form of a lightning bolt
Electrostatic charge is generated by friction between dissimilar substances. Negative charges are released from one substance and transferred to another substance. This creates an imbalance of electrical charge (= potential differences).

If the difference becomes too great, electrostatic discharge (also: ESD, abbreviation for electrostatic discharge) and voltage breakdowns occur.

Plastics are particularly susceptible to static charging due to their high surface resistance. An illustrative example of this is Styrofoam, which has a strong tendency to charge and therefore adheres easily to other materials.

Electrostatic discharge hazards in electronics production

Electrostatic discharge is clearly visible in the case of an abrupt equalization of high potential differences, as in the case of thunderstorms.
However, it can also be so small that the discharge process is not noticeable to people. In electronic components, even such small, invisible discharges can lead to damage and cause functional failures.
If the defect appears immediately after the voltage breakdown or is detected in the quality control, the fault cause research for the exclusion of a systematic fault can lead to time delays and increased costs.

ESD damage that cannot be identified in quality controls (optical and electrical) and only appears weeks or months after the damage in the form of a functional failure or malfunction (hidden defects) is particularly critical.

In order to exclude ESD damage as a source of faults, all production rooms at Baudisch Electronic are strictly ESD-protected areas, also known as EPA (Electrostatic Protected Area). Extensive measures ensure that electrostatic charge is prevented or specifically discharged in this area.

ESD warning sign at the entrance to the ESD-protected production area

ESD protection measures in electronics production

Avoidance of electrostatic charge


In production areas, the wearing of ESD-compliant clothing is mandatory. This consists of antistatic material that does not become electrostatically charged when exposed to friction.

ESD protected workplace

All materials used in production are antistatic or static dissipative. This includes tools, work tables, transport carts and conveyor systems in plants.

Conductive and dissipative packaging

Within the EPA, packaging is used that prevents electrostatic charging of the packaging material either through very low surface resistance or through incorporated carbon material.

Dissipation of electrostatic charge

ESD flooring in combination with ESD shoes

The entire production area is equipped with conductive flooring.

In addition, the wearing of conductive ESD shoes is mandatory. The electrostatic charge is discharged specifically into the ESD floor via the special shoe soles. Guests are provided with ESD heel straps that achieve the same dissipative effect as ESD shoes.

Access to the production area is only possible after measuring the conductivity of the shoes.

Shielding packing

Electronic assemblies that are not installed in a housing and are shipped to customers leave our production exclusively in shielding packaging.
Shielding ESD packaging has multilayer films with a metal coating. They have the property of dissipating stresses on the surface. Therefore, they offer the highest protection against damage to the contents due to electrostatic discharges during transport.

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