Lab equipment

Reliable ways to achive your goals with modern measuring equipment

Thanks to our modern equipment in the Baudisch.EMCLab, we are in a position to perform a variety of EMC measurements. We test according to EN standards, IEC standards or customer-specific requirements.

Our lab equipment includes:

Absorber chamber with hybrid absorber lining

  • Standardized immunity test according to IEC (EN) 61000-4-3 and
  • Standardized emission measurements according to CISPR 16-1-4
  • Measuring distance: 3,0 m
  • Frequency range: 30 MHz up to 18 GHz<br>


  • Automatically controlled testing turntable
  • Automatic polarization switching of the antennas
  • Remote controlled camera system for EUT monitoring
  • Connections for compressed air for the testing of electro-pheumatic EUTs
  • Copper granulate chute for decoupling of shielded cables
  • Special features of the testing area – filtered analog signals and galvanically isolated RJ45 signals
  • Dimensions of the absorber chamber: 8.705 mm x 4.655 mm x 3.750 mm (L x W x H)
  • Maximum dimensions of the EUT: 1.500 mm x 2.000 mm (W x H) – Weight up to 500 kg

Other measuring instruments

For emissions measurements

Antenna ALX-4000E

Logarithmic periodic broadband antenna 
Frequency range: 25 MHz – 4 GHz

Clamp-on anmeter

Clamp-on anmeter for measuring interference currents of all kinds
9 KHz – 30 MHz

Measuring receiver

Rohde & Schwarz ESR7
Frequency range:
9 KHz – 7 GHz

Voltage Probe

TK 9420
Frequency range:
8 KHz – 30 MHz

Network simulation

Network simulation, three -phase, 32A corresponds to CISPR 16
Frequency range: 9 KHz – 30 MHz
Phases : 3 + N
Manual and automatic phase switching
Max AC voltage: 250 V rms
Power: 4 x 32 A
Several 2-pole network simulations for 9 kHz – 30 MHz

For immunity measurements

Antenna AXL-80

Stacked broadband log – pro antenna
Frequency range: 80 MHz – 4GHz

ESD Burst-Surge Generator


On simulation of static discharge
Bounce of loads, lightning

For emissions & immunity measurements

Magnetic field measurements


Stacked log-periodic broadband antenna
Frequency range:
0.7 GHz – 10.5 GHz


Loop antenna for immunity testing of magnetic fields


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