Legal Basics

EC declaration of conformity

Product safety guarantees the sales on domestic and international markets. All product manufacturers or importers in the EU are legally obligated to comply with the EMC regulations. The products must be identified with a CE label. This label indicates that all legal requirments are met. In addition to the compliance with the EMC regulations, this label also indicates the conformity to other directives, e.g., when applicable, the electrical safety, the machine guidelines as well as the regulations of the EX guideline.

In the Baudisch.EMCLab, a thorough consultation is carried out over the applications of standards and directives since equipment may only be operated in their intended electromagnetic environment. These standards are published in the Official Bulletin of the Federal Network Agency for electricity, gas, water, mail and railroad. The Federal Network Agency is also a regulatory authority which checks products for compliance by sampling and retesting. By non-compliance, the product is taken off the market.

In general, it is always important to consider the current versions of standards. Consequently, products during production may need to be updated to the latest standard version. Whether or not a retesting is required, will be explained by our employees in cooperation with the customer. Development, production and approval of products must be carried out, for the guarantee of the EMC, in accordance with the appropriate laws and guidelines.

Listing of some important regulations and standards

EMC guideline 2014/30/EU

  • EMC law (EMVG)
  • International standards (IEC)

EN and DIN standards

  • Measurements according to NAMUR
  • Customer-specific requirements

The compliance with the EMC guideline 2014/30/EU and the consistent application of intended EN standards and EMC laws entitle the product manufacturer or importer the attachment of the CE label. This label should be attached on the product, however if not possible, on the packaging, the instructions manual or the certificate of guarantee.


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