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Test and qualification

Beside the mandatory EMC testing, all products run through further test and qualification procedures such as duration tests under fluctuations in temperature, density tests as well as funtional tests of hardware and software.

Tests for safety and special requirements are run together with external partners.

automatic optical inspection

With the goal to optimize the process of production, Baudisch Electronic is using an automatic optical inspection (AOI) from the company Göpel in the field of quality control.

Ensuring the delivery of constant quality, we obtain a quick and economical testing of serial products. In addition, this system allows 100% control of the component labelling and an additional test of the components with a microscope can be obmitted. A quick changeover to a different series is possible leading to a reduction of production lead times.

Further visual inspection

The visual inspection of all series of electronic assemblies is processed with the Quins system from the manufacturer SLCHigh resolution images from both sides of the boards are captured during the system, followed by an interactive comparison with reference images. Missing or misplaced components as well as bad soldering joints are reliably recognised. Additionally, the images of the assemblies through the manufacturing process are archived, the foundation of complete traceablilty.

Microscopy for BGAs

Complex boards normally contain BGA housings (Ball Grid Array), a chip on a separate small PCB with solder balls on the back. By the soldering process approx. 500 connection points are smelted with the board. The quality assurance of this process is required for each batch and each layer. A workplace with special microscopy provides powerful images of the often only 0.5 mm high solder area between BGA and PCB. Compared with a conventional x-ray test, a test of the surface is possible to evaluate the solder form.

Electrical test

Product specific test fixtures are available for verification of all electronic properties. By complex assemblies such as CPU main boards, all the interfaces are tested in communication load. Similarly, tools are used to test the CPU core and the memory.
Normally a heat treatment of the assembly is included in the electrical testing procedure. Each series component runs through a preprogrammed 24 hours temperature process in the heating cabinet. Only following a completely successful final testing is the product released for delivery.

Testing with an oscilloscope of Keysight

The development department is using an oscilloscope from Keysight improve testing and verification process. Measurements of fast signals are possible up to a broadband of 4 GHz.

We check, whether the requirements and specifications of the developing product are met and whether the integrity of the signal (EMC field) is being observed.


Documentation and traceability

Equipment assembly & final inspection

Already before the start of production, each PCB has a unique number. This way all steps of production and manufacuring data can later be traced to a delivered end product.
In our assembly department a completely electronic device is created from electronic components, cable sets and housings. The trained staff knows all particularities in dealing with sensitive electronics and ensures that each screw is tightened in the right place.


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