Electronics development

Our goal is to achieve excellence in electronics development so that our customers can successfully position their products in the market. We offer:


  • Customized solutions from experienced experts
  • Highest safety standards for customer projects
  • Economical implementation of development processes through efficient and lean structures

Experience and expertise

Our know-how is cross-product and cross-industry and includes experience from numerous projects.

Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive library of proven modules and features that we can apply to different projects. This allows us to offer our high-quality development services in an even more time- and cost-efficient manner.

Another strength is our ability to easily transfer what we already know to other industries.

In addition to our development services, our customers benefit from in-house production and EMC testing if required. Due to the direct feedback from both departments, we have a wide range of experience with regard to EMC and production-oriented development.

Security for customer projects

Sensitive handling of development data is a matter of course for us. We ensure that every project is carried out under the highest possible secrecy and guarantee maximum security for your data. Since our company acts as a development and production service provider and does not sell own products, conflicts of interest are excluded.

We ensure the timely completion of customer projects at all times. Our interdisciplinary team consists of several experienced employees. Changes in the project scope or staff absences on our part can thus be covered at any time.

Extract from our development services

Our development services and consultations can be booked individually or holistically.

Do you have questions about our electronics development? Our employees will be happy to help!


Concept creation

In the first step, we create a concept based on customer requirements and define the development process. If required, we offer comprehensive consulting, for example on standards and guidelines, modularization, cost-efficient production and long-term availability.


Circuit parts are simulated before implementation, taking into account different parameters.

Initial sample inspection
Prior to series production, we thoroughly test developed devices to ensure that all agreed quality requirements are met.

If necessary, we carry out iteration loops.

Initial samples can either be manufactured in our production under series conditions or provided by the customer.

Component research

The technology of components is constantly changing. Therefore, we regularly inform ourselves about the state of the art of parts, components, applications and about the latest developments on the semiconductor market. Based on this, we research components that are optimal for the function, cost and producibility of the device.

Throughout the product life cycle, we provide information on product changes and discontinuations as needed.

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Printed circuit board layout
Component placement and trace routing, taking into account thermal requirements, EMC and signal quality, among other things.
Rapid Prototyping

Using the rapid prototyping process, we produce prototypes true to the original in a short time. The basis for rapid prototyping is in-house electronics production, clearly defined processes and two 3D printers for the short-term creation of mechanical components.

Circuit diagram creation
Creation of well-structured and hierarchical circuit diagrams.
Testing printed circuit board layout
Existing PCB layouts, both of new developments and of already launched products, often hold potential for optimization. We check your design according to economic and technical aspects.
Among others, we consider the following criteria:

  • Signal quality
  • Power supply
  • Thermal management
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Efficiency of production
  • Cost saving possibilities


Firmware for microcontrollers
  • Software for control, regulation, evaluation and communication.
  • Selection of suitable microcontrollers based on space situation, performance and power requirements.
  • PC applications for all common operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)
  • (Web) apps for smartphone and tablet (iOS and Android)

Possibility to update and upgrade the firmware after the product has been shipped, without sending in the device or notifying a service technician.

(Web) apps
  • for smartphone and tablet (iOS and Android)
  • for control and visualization of states of the electronics
  • Creation of design and operating concept
  • Implementation and test
Real-time operating system/RTOS
  • Operating system in electronic data processing that can be used to meet real-time requirements of applications.
  • Predictable timing of system calls.
  • Predictable response times to events.
  • Used where exceeding maximum response times causes immediate damage.


Concept creation
We create tailor-made concepts for our customers’ products.
Dimensioned drawing
High-quality drawings, which include e.g. information on tolerances and surface finishes, enable the production to be carried out in line with requirements.
Feasibility check
We perform requirements and functional analyses on a functional sample.
Initial sample inspection
Before series production, newly developed devices are thoroughly tested to ensure that all agreed quality requirements are met.

If necessary, revision loops are carried out.

Initial samples can either be manufactured in our production under series conditions or provided by you.

Konstruktionsarbeiten 2D/3D
The 2D or 3D CAD design serves as a basis for the use of modern manufacturing technologies and for the cost-efficient production.

Project Management

Concept creation
We take the time to understand the customer’s product, requirements, industry, and user base in the necessary depth.
Interface coordination
  • Interfaces internally and with external partners and service providers are precisely defined at our company.
  • There is no effort for our customers due to communication with external project participants.
  • No loss of time and information.
Product support

We support customer products as needed throughout the product life cycle.

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Individual consulting

Specifications & Requirements
We advise on the requirements and specification of a customer’s product or, if requested, we can undertake the preparation of a specification.
This must contain, among other things, the following information:

  • Description of the desired functions and technical features
  • Functional diagram and type of detection
  • Product design specifications, e.g. colors, shape, materials
  • Standards to be followed
  • Certifications sought
  • Application
  • Desired documentation of the development result
  • Desired production documents
  • If applicable, prototype production and tests to be carried out as well as documentation
  • Software functions
  • Handling of expected error cases
Cost optimization - component selection
Advice on cost optimization through component and part selection as well as the selection of PCB technology.
Standards and guidelines
Advice on relevant standards and guidelines.
Cost optimization - manufacturing process
Advice on cost optimization in the manufacturing process, such as the arrangement of components on the printed circuit board for assembly production without rework.
Cost optimization - Design
Advice on production-ready design for economical production, e.g. through component standardization, efficient testing options and assembly-friendly device design.


Symbol - responsibility for the entire project

Cross-industry expertise

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Cost and
time efficient
One contact person accompanies you through all project phases
Support in all project phases

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