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The EMC laboratory at Baudisch

Electromagnetic compatibility is an important quality feature of electronic products. To ensure optimal functionality of a product, it must be resistant to external interference and at the same time not interfere with the function of other devices. For market approval, the manufacturer must ensure compliance with EMC standards and guidelines.

The EMC laboratory has selected high-tech equipment. This is certified according to ISO 9001 on a regular basis. Our equipment is strictly monitored and exclusively sourced from reputable brands. In this way, we guarantee high-quality and accurate EMC measurements, so that our customers have a reliable and safe product on the market.

At all times, the highly qualified personnel of the EMC laboratory with their years of experience are available to our customers. In the case of failed tests, we define ways to correct the fault, actively work on board and package design, and implement the measures directly on site in the laboratory. In addition, our customers regularly receive product-relevant information on new standards, changes in EMC legislation and amendments to EU directives.

In addition to the measurements in the EMC laboratory, we also carry out measurements on your premises with our mobile measurement equipment on request.

Josip Horvat
Manager EMC Laboratory
+49 (7172) 9 26 13-33

Carsten Hampel
EMC Expert
+49 (7172) 9 26 13-34


What is EMC?

No interference from other devices

An electrical device must be resistant to electromagnetic interference to a certain degree in its intended environment of use.

No interference of other devices

An electrical device must not influence other devices by emitting interference. For this purpose, specified emission limits must be complied with.

EMC laboratory services

Services at a glance

  • Metrological testing of EMC conformity
  • Interference suppression and elimination of deviations
  • Preparation of reports about performed tests
  • Consulting on EMC-compliant development & EMC-compliant design
  • Consulting on standards, laws and EU directives for electronic devices
  • Support in the preparation of EU declarations of conformity
  • Trainings around the topic EMC
  • Analysis and measurement also at your site
  • Optimization of circuit designs
  • Positioning of components on the printed circuit board
  • Proposals for an EMC-compatible layer structure and corresponding conductor track guides
  • Shielding | Grounding
  • Cabling | Wiring | Optimized filtering
  • Individual determination of standards and legal requirements
  • Determination of the test setup and possible auxiliary devices
  • Documentation as a basis for various certifications and for the reproducibility of measurements

Legal basis

EMC Directive 2014/30/EU

  • EMC Act (EMVG) (EMVG)
  • International standards (IEC)

EN and IEC standards

  • Measurement according to NAMUR
  • Customer specific requirements


Please send us a non-binding inquiry via the contact form or return the completed EMC requirement profile. We look forward to your message and will contact you promptly.

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    Josip Horvat
    Division manager EMC laboratory
    Fon: +49 (7172) 926 13-33
    E-Mail: josip.horvat@baudisch.de

    Carsten Hampel
    EMC expert
    Fon: +49 (7172) 926 13-34
    E-Mail: carsten.hampel@baudisch.de


    EMC Laboratory

    EMC laboratory equipment

    Our EMC laboratory equipment includes high-quality measuring instruments and a large full absorber hall.

    EMC Laboratory Baudisch Electronic

    EMC tests

    In our EMC laboratory, a wide variety of EMC tests can be carried out for the immunity and emitted interference of DUTs.

    EMS services: SMD assembly

    EMS Services

    Baudisch Electronic offers a wide range of EMS services for electronic assemblies, systems & devices.

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