What ist EMC?

From the beginning of the safety site.

EMC stands for electromagnetic compatibility of products. It means:

No influence by other devices

In its operational environment an electrical device must be resistant of electromagnetic interference to a certain limit.

No influence from other devices

This device on the other hand may not be affected by the emitted interference of other devices. Therefore, certain emission limits must be complied with.

Changes in the market demand new products. Longlasting products, which fall under provisions of the RoHS and WEEE, must be re-designed and EMC tested again. Not the least, good EMC charateristics of a product are essential quality features and stand for operational safety and availability.

A perfect EMC service at Baudisch

As a service partner for development and manufacture of innovative and electronic solutions, the integration of all essential elements of the product process is an important guideline for Baudisch Electronic GmbH.
An elementary component is the Baudisch.EMCLab – the in-house EMC lab. The industry focus of our EMC customers is in the field of industrial electronics and consumer and household technology. We support you with an EMC-compliant circuit board design and switching technology. Additionally, we also advise you to unusual orders in the HF technology.
Take the benefit in the product development stage of our flexibility and know-how of our EMC team of many years. Through early measurements and given outcomes on prototypes, findings and procedures can already in the very beginning be used in the switching optimization. It saves money, shortens the time for development and enables an earlier market launch of your product.


The laboratory offers independent services:

  • Advice on EMC compliant development & design

  • Advice on the application of required EMC standards

  • Advice on applicable EU guidelines and legal regulations of electrical devices

  • Metrological testing as proof of conformity

  • Interference suppression and elimination of unacceptable deviations

  • Suggestion on wording of conformity explainations

  • On-site analysis and measurement

Our wide-range laboratory processes measuring tasks at a short notice. We are able to run a wide spectrum of EMC measurements with our modern equipment which includes testing according to EN standards, IEC standards or customer-specific requirements.

Quality - A "MUST" for every product

In all phases of the production process – from the first conceptual design to the approval – a device is supervised by our lab employees. Independent of the fact whether the product to be tested is a product of our own or a custom-designed development.

Take the benefit of our respective experiences which are used in applications in the following fields:

  • Optimization of circuit design
  • Placing of components on the printed circuit board (layout)
  • Shielding | Grouding
  • Cabeling | Wiring | Optimized Filtration
  • Inquiry of standards: We advise you about the application of the correct EMC standards for the EUT (equipment under test) and support you by the research of legal specifications. We offer suggestions to the wording of the CE declaration of conformity and help by the planning of installation instructions.
  • Cooperation in EMC committees: We are informed about changes and adjustments of the standards as well as legal regulations at an early stage through the participation at regular meetings. The outcomes are directly inplemented in our testing process.
  • Determination of the test setup: Possible auxiliary equipment which is necessary for the test are determined prior to test beginn. A measurement setup with cabeling along with the sequence of tests are subsequently decided upon in coordination with our customers.
  • Documentation: It generates the foundation for various certifications, serves the reproducibility of the measurements and provides proof of compliance.


The target is to achieve CE compliance and observance of standards related to the tested product. This ensures that a device can work reliably and interference free.

The objective is to achieve CE conformity and compliance with standards which affect the tested product. This ensures a reliable operation without interference in its future EMC environment. Only the application of all regulatory standards and the product passing the test authorize the issue of the declaration of conformity and the attachment of the CE marking.

Many regular customers from Germany and neighboring countries appreciate these services and also the fact that we are able to concentrate on their specific needs.


Please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or send us back the EMV questionnaire. We look forward to your inquiry and will contact you promptly.
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