EMF measurements

Measurement of electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Electromagnetic fields are defined as static and time-varying electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields with frequencies up to 300 gigahertz.

Since November 2016, Germany has had the EMFV in force, a regulation to protect employees from hazards caused by electromagnetic fields. The EMFV defines binding radiation limits for companies. Employers are therefore obliged to prove that the radiation risk from EMF has been checked. If necessary, employers must take protective measures to minimize the radiation risk.


With our SMP2 measuring device from Wavecontrol we can measure and document the following important directives and standards in our EMC laboratory or directly at the customer’s site.
  • 26. BImschV (since 1997): 26th Ordinance for the Implementation of the Federal Immission Control Act: German Ordinance with Requirements for the Protection of the General Public
  • ICNIRP 1998 (NF/HF) and 2010 (NF): general guidelines / limit value recommendations for occupational health and safety (Worker) and protection of the general public
    ICNIRP 1998 (for the HF range) was updated at the beginning of 2020
  • European guideline 2013/35/EU: Binding regulations in the area of occupational health and safety for the EU
    EMFV: “Ordinance on the protection of employees against hazards from electromagnetic fields”: Transposition of 2013/35/EU into German law
  • EU Recommendation 1999/519/EC: EU recommendation for the general public
  • DIN EN 62209-2: Safety of persons in high-frequency fields from hand-held and body-worn wireless communication devices.
  • DIN EN IEC 62311: Evaluation of electronic equipment in relation to limitations of exposure of persons to electromagnetic fields.
  • DIN EN 62233: Method for measuring the electromagnetic fields of household appliances and similar electrical devices with regard to the safety of persons in electromagnetic fields
  • DIN EN 62479: Assessment of the compliance of low-power electronic and electrical equipment with the basic restrictions for the safety of persons in electromagnetic fields.


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