Complete traceability through laser marking

The traceability of manufactured products is essential for quality assurance. In today’s electronics production, the clear marking of batches is therefore already carried out as standard.

We go one step further and make each individual assembly clearly assignable and traceable by laser marking the printed circuit boards.

This enables us to trace products and associated process steps at any time and to ensure complete transparency.



Unique number codes

Each printed circuit board that passes through the SMD production line is provided with a data matrix code in the laser marker by color reversal of the solder resist and can thus be clearly assigned.

The laser marking process is considered to be particularly gentle and time-efficient and is therefore perfectly suited for the purpose of PCB marking.

By default, the data matrix code consists of a machine-readable code and a unique serial number. Alternatively, a text defined by the customer can be applied to the PCB for the purpose of traceability.

The data is managed by the modular traceability software Fuji Trax. Both the exact production time of an assembly and detailed information about the components used can be called up there.





Detailed information about components

Electronic components are among the most sensitive parts of an assembly. For this reason, we rely on the unambiguous assignment and traceability of each component roll and pallet used in SMD production.

The component reels are managed using the Mases tower software. Each component roll and pallet is stored there with a unique code, the so-called DID.

The following information about the components can be retrieved via the DID:

  • Component type
  • Manufacturer
  • Supplier number
  • Batch number
  • Date of manufacture
  • Storage history

Via the traceability software Fuji Trax, the DIDs of the used component rolls are assigned to each PCB. This makes it possible to trace at any time which components were used to assemble a specific assembly.


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