Lean management in electronics production

In recent years, with the boom in the electronics industry, a sharp increase in individual customer requirements in the areas of quality, service and availability can be observed.

The manufacturing of products is becoming increasingly complex and at the same time must have a high flexibility for short-term change requests.

Baudisch Electronic GmbH is responding to this market development by regularly investing in its own machinery and by implementing lean principles in all areas of the company.



Lean principles run through the entire company. Among other things, we pay close attention to ensuring that processes merge seamlessly, resources are used economically, and efficient communication takes place between the individual departments through defined interfaces.


One example of the efficient way of working at Baudisch Electronic is our ultra-modern machinery, which makes the flexible production of high-quality products possible without any problems.

Due to the perfect interaction of all line participants of the specially designed SMD production line, we achieve short set-up times and fast throughput times.

Our high-tech wave soldering area has individually equipped workstations as well as an automated transport system that connects all work steps and thus guarantees an optimal production flow.

Combined with other lean management measures, we create the best conditions for productive, reliable and, above all, flexible manufacturing.


Another area in which lean management is applied at Baudisch Electronic GmbH is equipment assembly.

Through the increased use of individualized workstation systems designed according to lean principles, we can optimally meet our customers’ requirements for availability, individuality, quality and pricing.

From assembly to electrical testing to packaging, all manual work steps are performed at a workstation according to firmly defined processes.

The workstation systems are individually designed and manufactured for the respective product. In doing so, we strictly follow the requirements of our customers and thus ensure that all specifications are taken into account.

All work steps are clearly defined and precisely coordinated. In this way, all processes mesh perfectly. The resources used are optimally utilized so that our customers receive high-quality products at adequate prices at the right time.

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